Queens Academy

Positively affect young African American girls into adulthood.

- A journey of activities and dialogue-

Our mission is to positively affect young,
African American youth by exposing them
to men and women from a variety of
creative & professional experiences to
enhance, mentor, & sow into adulthood.

Queens Academy is an extension of Dreams Academy serving African American young ladies, ages 12-15. Our pilot cohort of ladies will take place beginning June 14th, 2021. Led by a team of adult professional women, Queens Academy will take these young ladies through a journey of activities and dialogue, expose them to great female leadership from across the community, and enhance their confidence, mental wellness, and self-esteem using methods such as journaling and yoga. We will also cover topics such as etiquette, financial capability, hygiene, and more! As with our young men at Dreams Academy, we have partnered with the African Heritage Leadership Academy out of Atlanta, Georgia, that will provide additional virtual instruction on topics such as Social Media Etiquette, Public Speaking, Resume Writing, and conduct mock interviews. Our Career Fair is held the final week of Queens Academy, and each young lady will arrive to the fair with a resume in hand to present to the guests as a result of this partnership as well.

Queens Academy will meet physically on Wednesdays at 6 pm at the City of Joy LEC beginning June 16th. They will meet with our virtual partners on Mondays beginning June 14th at 6 pm. Cost for Queens Academy is $100.00. This covers their “swag bag”, hygiene kit, journal, materials, weekly dinner, and their virtual instruction. We have 15 spots available for our ladies and is first come, first served.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or by calling 330-422-8332.

Building Blocks

Focus Areas

We focus on these key arears to help mentor, teach and affect young black girls leading by example.


Conflict Resolution

Community Involvement

Financial Literacy


Health & Wellness

Music & Arts

Etiquette & Image

Leadership & Success

And much more!