What is Dreams Academy?

Dreams Academy (DA) is a 501c3 organization that was founded in 2016. The purpose of DA is to assist in filling the void caused by the high number of absent fathers in African American homes-61.3% as of 2016, and the lack of access to activities and lessons necessary to support a full and healthy development of African-American young men.

The founder, Brandon R. Scarborough, formulated a plan to provide young men in the Akron community, opportunities to spend time with successful African-American men from a variety of creative and professional backgrounds and create a program that was complementary to traditional in-school education. DA is an “excellence incubator”- meaning the curriculum for each session is built with strategies to develop each participant’s individual, unique excellence. During the sessions, the participants engage in activities and discussions based on a pre-selected theme, while always including lessons in career guidance, financial literacy, problem solving, and soft skills, in order to provide them with the necessary preparation and tools for successful living.  These sessions are facilitated by predominantly African-American male professionals who presently work in a multitude of fields and vocations and partner organizations that assist us with facilitation such as the Akron Police Department, Minority Behavioral Health Group, and Summit County Juvenile Court.

Building Blocks

Focus Areas

We focus on these key areas to help mentor, teach and affect young black males, leading by example.


Conflict Resolution

Community Involvement

Financial Literacy


Health & Wellness

Music & Arts

Etiquette & Image

Leadership & Success

And much more!

Introduce Boys and Girls to Greatness!

When you give your year-end gift by Dec 31st, you will empower more kids in our community to know their worth and pursue true strength!