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Teaching soft skills, problem solving, career guidance, and financial literacy

Dreams Academy is for young men ages 7-15. Our students experience activities and thought-provoking dialogue that holistically encourages and teaches soft skills, problem-solving, career guidance, and financial literacy. These sessions are facilitated by predominantly African-American male professionals who presently work in a multitude of fields and vocations and partner organizations that assist us with curricula such as the Akron Police Department, Minority Behavioral Health Group, and Summit County Juvenile Court.

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Developing African American Males for Success

Welcome to Dreams Academy and thank you for viewing our website.  I hope that you get a detailed view into who we are and what we do for our core audience of young black males.  We are currently living through a moment in time where they need to be shown their value and worth, as well as being given as much education and information as necesasry to achieve the highest levels of success that they can.  Feel free to contact me to hear more about Dreams Academy.  Sign up for our newsletter and always be in the know.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Brandon R. Scarborough M.Ed

Our three focus areas

Etiquette is the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group. We help to develop this image using positive role models, real world training and hands on interactions.

We teach how to process  situations and view them as challenge. Team building builds connections and helps to understand that together we can accomplish more.

Money and the understanding of it is essential in the growth and development of a race. Most black men do not experience generational wealth so it is important to educate youth to build generational wealth.

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Reach other young women like Marley! Today, you have an opportunity to help young black men and women become strong and successful in all the …

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Road Trip

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So excited for our ED @mrdreamsacademy, who will be the keynote speaker for the annual MLK celebration at @mountunion Thursday, January 20, at 7 pm at the Brush Performance Hall. We are taking the Dreams message on the road and honoring the life and legacy of Dr. King. Congratulations B. We know you will do great! ...

Your gift by midnight December 31 will empower more kids in our communities to know their worth, pursue true strength, and understand the privilege of serving the world and people around them. Don’t miss this end-of-year opportunity!

We treated our @dreamsacademyusa and @queensacademyusa staff to dinner last night. I want to publicly tell them THANK YOU for their time, patience, and efforts in helping our young men and young ladies achieve greatness and see greatness in themselves. My guy @dmunb3 wasn’t able to attend but thank you for helping us make an imprint in Cleveland. I appreciate all of you and am grateful that you see value in the vision. Excited about 2022! ...

Queens Academy in full effect….They gonna want their own page soon so be on the lookout and make sure you follow them and see how their summer goes! Got a dope group of beautiful, intelligent young ladies! ...

Excited for our guys to meet Dennis Butts Jr tonight. He is an extraordinary gentleman, extremely driven and successful. I am sure what he will share will be motivational! ...

Dope moment at Dreams Academy!

Big thanks to our friend Jerome Moss for coming and speaking life lessons and resources into these young Black men.

It didn’t happen on purpose but look closely and see our smallest guy in the middle. There’s symbolism in that.

Congrats to our Founder and Executive Director @mrdreamsacademy for representing @dreamsacademyusa and being acknowledged on the Cleveland’s Own segment of the morning news at @fox8newscleveland with the @kauliggiving foundation. What an honor! We are extremely proud of his leadership and what we continue to do for our young men in our community!! Awesome job! ...

This evening we welcome @lo72580 to @dreamsacademyusa. He is a clinical counselor that will come and share with the guys about emotions, feelings, and positive mental health. This is such an important topic for our young black males. We are excited about this evening! ...

We are so proud of our Founder @mrdreamsacademy on the release of his first book “Talking Points”. This book is a resource for single parents that features guiding questions and talking points for mothers to have difficult conversations with their black male. It tackles subjects like education, image, race, violence, sex, and more. Visit www.talkingpointsbook.com to purchase today!! ...

In just a few hours, meet us on FB Live for an Hour of Inspiration with some of the city’s finest singers and musicians. This is part of my 40th birthday celebration and supporting @dreamsacademyusa. Meet us on the @cojlec page at 7 PM! ...

Introduce Boys and Girls to Greatness!

When you give your year-end gift by Dec 31st, you will empower more kids in our community to know their worth and pursue true strength!