by Brandon Scarborough

Dreams Academy was grateful to celebrate Black History Month with Summit County Children’s Services!

Our students recently visited SCCS with others from Aim High Akron Gear Up for a special drop-in event. They made presentations about what Black History Month means to them, why we celebrate, and what contributions various black Americans have made locally and nationally.

One young man, Aidan Polk, even portrayed me at his school’s “Living Museum” event!

I was honored to meet Aidan. I could do nothing but smile when I looked at him. He had me down from the hair to the turtleneck, and someone had even told him about my affection for chitlins and pigs feet.

He didn’t believe that his family knew me in person, so I had to stop in and meet him. I had an absolute blast hanging out with him and both his grandmothers.

As excited as I hear he was to meet me, I hope he understands that he absolutely made my day and motivated me to keep doing what I’m doing. Moments like these are priceless! Thank you, Aidan!

And thank YOU for supporting Dreams Academy. Your involvement is pouring encouragement and strength into the black leaders of tomorrow … students like Aidan and so many others who deserve to be invested in and celebrated!

Zac and Beth Kohl have known Brandon for years.

They have always appreciated his passion for youth, his heart for the city of Akron, and his desire to see both transformed in positive ways.

And what started out as friendship has turned into a firm relationship with Dreams Academy itself!

The Kohls enjoy supporting us financially and serving on the Board because they ALSO have a heart for young boys and girls. Zac has worked with youth in our community for years, and both have been drawn to how Dreams Academy mentors and leaders model a healthy lifestyle, and ways of attaining true success, for the students in our programs.

When asked why other people in and around Akron should support Dreams Academy as well, the Kohls’ answer was simple:

Dreams Academy has the year-round opportunity to impact lives for the future. “It takes a village to raise a child, and DA gives the Akron community the chance to come around youth who are excited to learn and grow” and make a difference.

Thank you, Zac and Beth, for turning your heart for young people into a partnership with Dreams Academy through both serving and supporting our efforts to develop responsible, extraordinary African American members of society!

You can make boys and girls strong inside and out …

You can invest in their tomorrow — helping them become leaders in their homes, communities, and country.

You can help them see that a brighter, better future is possible — that they CAN achieve what they were created to be and do.

And … you can do all this starting today

Your monthly gift of $25, $50, $100, or otherwise will allow a student (or two or four!) to attend either our Dreams or Queens Academy programming over the coming year …

  • Our flagship program, Dreams Academy, serves the needs of young African American men ages 10-15 and meets on Monday nights. It provides access to activities and lessons necessary to support the full and healthy development of black males as they spend time with successful African American men from a variety of backgrounds.
  • Queens Academy, our expansion program that serves African American girls ages 12-15, is led by a team of adult professional women with sessions on Wednesday evenings. Young ladies take a journey through activities and dialogue, meet great female leadership from across the community, and learn about confidence, mental wellness, self-esteem, and more!

Your generosity really matters.

Your monthly commitment, to help one student, two students, or more, is truly the gift that keeps on giving to youth who need healthy direction and mentors who are dedicated to pouring wisdom and guidance into their lives. 

When you sign up, we’ll thank you by sending a copy of Talking Points: A Conversation Guide To Cultivate and Connect With Young Black Men. Covering topics like racism, education, finances, fathers, violence, and many others, it will serve as a guide for how you can play a key role in bringing up, and speaking into, the next generation of black men.

Start making a year-round difference today.

Thank you for considering this unique opportunity!

Your generosity empowers our work with young men and women!

Your support today ensures we can build and provide a network of professional African Americans to mentor, teach, and ultimately positively affect our youth by sowing into their adulthood. 

Let’s keep developing the young people of tomorrow, together. Thank you!


Introduce Boys and Girls to Greatness!

When you give your year-end gift by Dec 31st, you will empower more kids in our community to know their worth and pursue true strength!