Your monthly donation to Dreams Academy will give young black men and women around Akron and Cleveland the means to pursue their dreams — and empower them to achieve what they were created to be and do.

Give $25 or more every month, starting today, to allow a student to attend either our Dreams or Queens Academy programming over the coming year …

  • Dreams Academy serves the needs of young African American men ages 10-15 and meets on Monday nights. Participants engage in activities and discussions and learn about career guidance, financial literacy, problem solving, and soft skills in order to provide them with the necessary preparation and tools for successful living.
  • Queens Academy, which serves African American girls ages 12-15, takes place Wednesday evenings. Young ladies take a journey through activities and dialogue, meet great female leadership from across the community, and learn about confidence, mental wellness, and self-esteem using methods such as journaling and yoga. We also cover topics such as etiquette, financial capability, hygiene, and more!

Your generosity really matters. Your monthly commitment is truly the gift that keeps on giving to youth who need healthy direction and mentors who are dedicated to pouring wisdom and guidance into their lives.

PLUS: When you sign up, let us thank you by sending you a copy of Talking Points: A Conversation Guide To Cultivate and Connect With Young Black Men. Written by Brandon R. Scarborough and covering topics like racism, education, finances, fathers, violence, and many others, it serves as a guide for how you can play a key role in bringing up, and speaking into, the next generation of black men.

Thank you in advance for your generosity — for helping the next generation of black youth become strong and successful in all the right ways.

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Introduce Boys and Girls to Greatness!

When you give your year-end gift by Dec 31st, you will empower more kids in our community to know their worth and pursue true strength!