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Dreams Academy at Mount Union is a free program for students, however we are accepting donations to help offset costs. 
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Dreams Academy/Mount Union Summer Experience

Dreams Academy is excited to partner with the University of Mount Union to provide a week long summer experience. 30 African American 7th and 8th graders (15 boys/15 girls) will gather (August 1st through 5th) on the campus of the University of Mount Union to experience college life and participate in sessions on topics such as:

  • Career and College Readiness
  • Communications
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Etiquette and Hygiene
  • Financial Literacy
  • Leadership
  • Self Awareness and Image
  • Team building Activities
  • And More….

Following this experience, this cohort will meet monthly to revisit previous sessions and attend new sessions that contribute to their learning. This experience will give students experience, exposure, and insight, in areas many students have not had prior knowledge.  This also helps to build a bridge between the campus and the African American community by allowing students to be involved in learning experiences right on the campus.  We want them to experience all the nuances of college life however on their level.  We are hopeful that:

  • Each students receive a purple plus card for breakfast and lunch
  • Students will learn accountability and responsibility for getting to their classes and finding their classrooms on time.
  • This group forms a bond and lean on each other as they learn.  It is the goal for this group to remain together for more sessions and events throughout the school year!

Introduce Boys and Girls to Greatness!

When you give your year-end gift by Dec 31st, you will empower more kids in our community to know their worth and pursue true strength!